About ASC 842 Implementation Services

If your company has yet to develop an implementation plan for the ASC 842 leasing standard, they this should be done as soon as possible. The standard is in effect for companies with a period that begins after December of 2019. Once implemented, the standard requires operating leases to be displayed directly on the balancing sheet as a lease liability. In the past, the operating leases were simply displayed in the footnotes. Read More 

4 Things Your Salary Consultant Will Want To Know

When setting salaries for your employees, you shouldn't just guess at the right number. A fair amount of research and thought should be put into things like compensation packages. Salary consulting services help with this and can be a valuable resource for your company. Before meeting with a salary consultant, know that he or she will probably want to know these things in order to give you accurate and relevant guidance. Read More 

Why And How To Work With An Individual Therapist In Addition To Family Counseling

Family counseling can be a great way to understand the more intimate familial relationships in your life. It can be a beneficial practice for finding ways to work and live together when your family has specific issues or general personality conflicts. However, it is common for family counseling patients to realize they have personal issues they want to work on with a therapist. If this happens to you, you will need to decide whether you want to continue individual therapy with your family therapist or find a new therapist to work on your individual problems. Read More 

Several Benefits of Working with an HR Consulting Firm

Your business's human resources can be among the most important assets that it has. However, managing your workforce can be a difficult task as there are many issues that can arise. Working with a human resources consulting service can be an excellent strategy for helping your business to meet these needs, because an HR consulting firm can provide many important benefits. Talent Recruitment Recruiting high-level talent is a vital task to just about every business. Read More 

3 Revenue Cycle Management Tips For Healthcare Leaders

If you're a healthcare leader and manage a hospital, a huge responsibility you're tasked with is overseeing the revenue cycle management. The success of this financial process dictates whether or not your hospital will be long-lasting. Here are some tips that can help with RCM to keep your hospital profitable. Create Benchmarks  To see what RCM strategies and practices are working and what aren't in your hospital, you must first create benchmarks. Read More